“Hurry up. I have to pee and these suits don’t come off easy.

Catalyst Prime: The Event

Lion Forge (2017)

WRITERS: Priest & Joseph Philip Illidge

ARTISTS: Marco Turini & Will Rosado

COLORIST: Jessica Kholinne

LETTERING: Andworld Design


SENIOR EDITOR: Joseph Illidge

A preview for Lion Forge’s shared superhero universe, the story follows a group of astronauts heading to space in order to stop an asteroid from hitting the planet. While they die in the attempt the asteroid is blown to fragments that drop over Earth. However, the CEO of the company that sent out the mission may have known that the planet was never really in danger and is secretly using this to make herself look good. This plan will backfire because she just created superheroes that I’m betting will end up coming for her.

What they got right: Conceptually this is good. The characters are given backstories with motivations for why they agreed to the mission. We also get a preview of what their lives will become. The “event” is properly explored. I also really like the artwork.

What they got wrong: While not as preachy propaganda as some writers want to do these days it’s political leanings are very obvious, which might turn a few people off but part of me still wants to see where the stories will be going with the various writers. It’s tough to follow the flashbacks at times and this thing plays hopscotch all over the timeline. They also forgot those little marks that tell you they’re speaking in a foreign language although a caption tells us that at least one of the groups we’re following is speaking Spanish at one point.

Recommendation: As a freebie even on comiXology the comic does a decent job of setting up the event that caused the superheroes to appear in the Catalyst universe. It’s at least worth looking at to see if it’s a continuity you might want to check out.

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