Think about all the work put into those old Disney theatrical shorts.

Word is that Bob Iger is no longer CEO of Disney but will take on a different role. The new CEO is Bob Chapek, who was in charge of the Disney Parks. Given the reports I’ve seen from Walt Disney’s own descendants this is not comforting. I wonder what role the fiasco of Star Wars played in this but Disney has done well enough everywhere else except for those lame live-action remakes of classic Disney animated films. (I hope those are going away now.) With Disney now owning so many different studios (20th Century Fox and the Fox channels, Hulu, Disney+, Maker Studios, the various Disney networks, Marvel, Lucasfilm, and all the various studios they already had like Miramax and Capital Cities, home of ABC And ESPN) it should be interesting to see where Chapek takes the House Of Mouse…which hopefully will be a good direction.

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