Trust me, every comic artist has done this at least one in their life.

Comic Book Comics #0

Evil Twin Comics (posted to comiXology March, 2010)

“Crime Oh Man Does It Pay”

WRITER: Fred Van Lente

ARTIST: Ryan Dunlavey

Remember our old pal Mr. Crime from Crime Does Not Pay? Well, he’s back to tell us the story of how his comic was created, his introduction to the comic, and the comic’s ultimate demise. Not to mention how one of the co-editors himself would fall into crime. The sad part I don’t know if they were siding with Wertham or not on this one.

This is a seven page preview for Comic Book Comics, a humorous journey through the history of comics, by the same creators as this issue. The art resembles the old Crime Does Not Pay comic through Dunlavey’s art style, and while a parody in parts it also goes over the actual history of the old crime comic’s creators and how the book paved the way for the crime comics that were used to target all comics in the 1940s and 50s. I’m also not kidding about knowing where Van Lente stands. The story seems to have a negative view on the comics while still taking a shot at the overreaction to them…or maybe Van Lente is celebrating when he talks about the sex and violence being the real draw, which would actually help Dr. Wertham’s case against them to a point. (The point being kids were NOT the target of these books, but I have a whole Chapter By Chapter review of his book that took entire weeks going into all that, plus the linked to article above dissecting an actual issue of Crime Does Not Pay.) What got me was the fate of the creators, as they kind of went downhill, one of them even becoming a criminal and later found dead on a turnpike. It’s kind of depressing how that ended up.

As of this writing the preview is up for free on comiXology and it’s only seven pages. It’s worth a curiosity look anyway and won’t take too long to read, so give it a look.

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