Because I don’t have any images from the show, here’s Godzilla fighting cowboys.

Dallas was about a bunch of oil barons fighting their competition when they weren’t fighting with each other. It was one of the most beloved and most bizarre nighttime soap operas on TV, so I shouldn’t be surprised they made a pre-video game RPG out of it, and yet I somehow am. This was back when board games were huge. It’s all about card games and video games now.

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  1. Sean says:

    A Dallas role playing game…! At least, the blog writer and his grandmother were able to bond together while playing the Dallas role playing game. I say this because it is doubtful that she would have been willing to play Dungeons and Dragons with her grandson. But Dallas was a game that they could both play together.

    For images of Dallas, a classic image to use for this article would have been any ones of the Dallas actresses showing off their cleavage. They seemed to be famous for doing that!


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