Well this is crap timing!

With schools, businesses, and events shut down thanks to the coronavirus this is the perfect time for draw in a few more readers with discussions, reviews, and comics. So naturally this is the week I chose before all that to take a week or two off to prevent burnout! And what bad timing! Half my comic reviews are on cliffhangers and so is the Chapter By Chapter book review, plus another example of weaponized retconning just popped up I have to talk about, plus the aforementioned potential to snag an extra reader or two who have nothing better to do than read discussions about comics, TV shows, and other media. This is my life, people! I even took a lazy day yesterday and had nothing for this week’s Clutter Report.

I wavered between taking my anti-burnout break and not squandering the opportunity, and finally I decided on taking the middle road. I will have the main articles this week. We’ll continue Chapter By Chapter, have another installment of the Art Of Storytelling, and I get to discuss a graphic novel that I own virtually but it’s still “legal” enough to call Scanning My Collection. Plus of course I have to discuss the New Who retcon bomb and what that’s done to Doctor Who because it’s another example of misuse of the retcon, the most dangerous tool in storytelling. Maybe I’ll discuss that as well or save it for this year’s Art Soundoff in November? There was the one I did about the dangers of turning characters evil where I did make note of it.

However, that’s all I’ll be doing this week. No daily comic reviews and no morning posts…about that by the way. Considering I have some international readers who don’t have the same morning I do the morning post is going to be renamed. The currently considered title is either Daily Article Link/Video or just BW’s Daily Quickie. I haven’t decided just yet. Then I’ll maybe take the next week and do the reverse, just the daily comic review or just take the full week off so I can come back at full speed. It’s just the wrong week to take a full break. Stay healthy, people!

About ShadowWing Tronix

A would be comic writer looking to organize his living space as well as his thoughts. So I have a blog for each goal. :)

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  1. Sean says:

    I’m praying for everybody to be safe and healthy during these troubled times. In order to get one’s mind off the horrible possibilities of this coronavirus crisis, try reading some comic books or watching some classic cartoons. Read or watch Dr. Who as another way to try to handle the stress, anxiety, and fears related to this crisis.


  2. Sean says:

    Free Comic Book Day 2020 might get cancelled this year because the CDC says there shouldn’t be crowds larger than 50. Unless the comic stores only allow 45 people in it a time during Free Comic Book Day. Closures of schools along with closures and limits on various businesses sound like these would last for 8 weeks….that takes us into mid-May, and Free Comic Book Day is on May 2.


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