l-to-r: Ghostbuster, V for Vendetta, and Darma agent (Lost)

I have to apologize folks. The comic I wanted to review this week turned out to be something worth a multi-part review so I’m going to save it for next week. So I was going to do an Art Of Storytelling, but I ended up taking a longer nap than I planned after having a moment of insomnia last night. Nothing to do with the current pandemic, just a recurring issue with my brain not wanting to shut down. I wasn’t even planning to do anything this week but plans altered so I want to at least give you something worth stopping by for.

So here’s a retrospective from Midnight’s Edge going over the history of the Ghostbusters movies, focusing on a particular detail: Bill Murray, who plays Peter Venkman, the womanizing psychologist. Getting him to do any of the movies proved a huge challenge and why it took so long to do a third movie that one of the other stars passed away first. I wonder if they’re sorry they brought him on in the first place? It also goes into the early concept, Ghost Smashers, which was not going to be a comedy.

Catch more Midnight’s Edge on their YouTube channel.

There was also word that Murray was responsible for Lorenzo Music being taken off the Real Ghostbusters cartoon. He didn’t like Music’s portrayal and complained to ABC so he was replaced with Dave Coulier, at least in the Saturday morning version, even redubbing some of Music’s lines in previous episodes.While I didn’t hate Coulier’s take as much as some other fans, Music was clearly better in the role, and I was always more interested in the cartoon than the movies, so I was disappointed when the sequel ignored the show. I’m disappointed they didn’t bring up the recent video game that got the movie cast back together and was set in the movie continuity. It was Harold Ramis’s last time portraying Egon Spangler and people were surprised Murray came in for that one.

I wonder how different things would have been if we had John Belushi in a more serious Ghostsmashers?

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