That point in the toyline when you know they’ve run out of ways to keep the show’s main cast on shelves.

Star Trek: The Next Generation #26

DC Comics (December, 1991)

“Strangers In Strange Lands!”

WRITER: Michael Jan Friedman

PENCILER: Peter Krause

INKER: Pablo Marcos

COLORIST: Julianna Ferriter

LETTERER: Bob Pinaha

EDITOR: Robert Greenberger

Jeremy tells Alexander a story about two friends who help each other out, but Alexander is surprised to learn it’s about two Klingons. (It works better in the story than my summary.) It leads to Alexander confronting his opinion of Klingons after his mother’s death and the two boys bond over having lost their mothers and their mutual connection to Worf. Speaking of Worf, he along with Troi, Data, and Crusher meet with Okana and with his help contact the Enterprise but the only open space they can beam the away team back to the ship (due to a blocking field of some kind) is out in the city, and there are people in the city despite the ship not being able to detect anyone else besides Okana and the team. With no other option for rescue they go into the city where an archer keeps shooting at them.

What they got right: I liked seeing Alexander and Jeremy bond and how Jeremy used a Klingon tale (but borrowed the less violent ending from a similar Earth tale) to help Alexander deal with his mother’s passing. The mystery the away team is dealing with is interesting.

What they got wrong: What do you mean “run for you lives”, Mr. Rozhenko, it’s only rain. A heavy downpour sure, but not life threatening. Watching Okana hitting on Beverly reminds me why I don’t like him. He’s like a poor man’s Captain Jack from the Doctor Who universe and I don’t care for him, either–especially after Torchwood.

Recommendation: I don’t have the final part of the A-plot and I don’t know if the B-plot continues (with Jeremy getting ready to return home in the morning) but I would like to see a sequel where Alexander gets to visit Jeremy. The story is decent enough to recommend a look based on the b-plot but I’m kind of bias against Okana.

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