“That’s not what they mean by letting it all hang out, Red Tornado.”

Justice League Unlimited #13

DC Comics (November, 2005)

“Nuts And Bolts”

WRITER: Adam Beechan

PENCILER: Carlo Barberi

INKER: Walden Wong

COLORING: Heroic Age

COVER ART: Ben Caldwell

LETTERER: Travis Lanham

EDITOR: Tom Palmer Jr.

As Steel works on and studies Red Tornado’s advanced robotic body he is hacked and goes on a rampage. Steel and a group of the heroes try to get him back under his own control, which Steel is eventually able to do. While Batman can’t get the evidence he knows it was a move on Amanda Waller’s part to turn sentiment against the Justice League.

What they got right: This one has a lot of action as various League members try to stop Red Tornado without hurting him. Although he’s an android he’s still considered part of the League and the story also cements a friendship between “Reddy” and Steel. which I like. DC’s heroes used to be friends or at least friendly to each other and I miss that.

What they got wrong: Even Batman calls him “Reddy” normally? As far as Red Tornado being an Air Elemental, that’s something that was added in the main DC universe at the time but wasn’t evident in the DCAU, so once again the DCAU comics act more like the main comic universe than the animated universe. There really isn’t enough time to explore Red and Steel’s friendship.
Recommendation: A good story that might be worth a look.

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