“Why did the captain get us CBS All Access?”

Star Trek: The Next Generation–The Modala Imperative #2

DC Comics (August, 1991)

“Lies And Legends!”

WRITER: Peter David

ARTIST: Pablo Marcos


LETTERER: Bob Pinaha

EDITOR: Robert Greenberger

This is a continuation of a miniseries starring the original crew, as they freed the planet Modala from a corrupt ruling body with weapons far too advanced for the planet at the time. Now the centennial celebration is about to happen (though apparently not everybody is happy with the current ruling party) and the last surviving members of the crew (at the time of this story), Dr. McCoy and Ambassador Spock, have been invited to participate along with the current commander of Enterprise-D. Spock and McCoy bond with the crew and reconnect with each other, while a ship attacks Spock’s transport to the Enterprise. The ship goes to help, leaving Captain Picard, Counselor Troi, McCoy, and Spock on the planet without backup when a group of Ferengi, the ones responsible for the deposed Krisanian regime’s advanced weapons, arrive and claim that according to their deal Modala is now their property.

What they got right: I haven’t seen the original miniseries but I trust Peter David’s history with this franchise in both novels and comics so I would like to check it out as well as the first issue. I like the idea of a story that takes two different generations of Enterprise to tell the complete story. It was nice seeing McCoy and Spock interact with the crew and the children, as well as comparing Kirk and Picard. Probably the best part is when Spock and Data have a 3D chess match completely in their heads. While the long-lived people of Modala now know about the Federation I guess it wasn’t common knowledge long enough that certain legends sprouted about Kirk and Chekov and whatever they did in the first miniseries, which was interesting. And you don’t need to have seen the original miniseries to follow what’s going on since the comic brings you up to speed with the important details. That’s always welcome.

What they got wrong: However, these are the same people as they have a long lifespan. It seems odd even after all this time (which wouldn’t feel as long to the Modalans as it would us) that the tale would be this embellished. Also not having read issue one this feels more like the first issue than the second, at least to me. As far as Kirk being thrilled about his godlike status, “Return Of The Serpent” begs to differ.

Recommendation: I liked this issue and I hope the rest of the miniseries is also as good, plus I want to read the original miniseries and the issue I’m missing. Worth giving a look thus far.

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