I actually have a few links on this one. We have a couple on this site but the longer ones are for other sites, a news story and the YouTube channel the news is about. An extra bonus for my corona-captive readers.

Japanese studio Toei is known for copyright striking numerous YouTube channels. Taking down illegal uploads of their shows is one thing, but they go after clips, parodies, and reviews, the latter declared fair use in most other countries but not in Japan. So many tokusatsu reviewers and commentators found it a cathartic bit of payback when Toei started their own English-sub YouTube channel (finally using the internet to get their classic tokusatsu shows to the non-Japanese public) only to be hit by their own automated content bots. This is not the first time the bots caught official postings, as Lady Gaga can attest. It’s more proof that the current system to fight illegal uploads is broken, but I give Toei credit for finally using the system instead of fighting it.

Sadly I probably wouldn’t have known about the channel without this event, as finding TMS’s channel was years after it started and lucky on my part. So if you want to see what Japanese live-action superheroes look like that aren’t yet available through Shout Factory or Mill Creek Entertainment, here’s the official Toei Tokusatsu YouTube channel. NOTE: You will have to turn on the closed captions for the English subtitles. What else do you have to do right now? Be sure to check the full video list and playlists to see everything they have. There’s even the occasional anime as Toei is known for that as well.

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  1. […] After the screw-up by Toei when it came to activating their new YouTube channel early and thus subjecting it to a takedown from their own copywrite bots, they have it up and running so of course I checked it out. Japanese superheroes are a bit different from American ones, with exceptions like Gatchaman, Tiger & Bunny, and My Hero Academia outside of secret identities (and I could be wrong about MHA) not always being a concern. I think the Gatchaman team had them, which is funny when Battle Of The Planets, the first US dub, didn’t. Usually it features teens in spandex, guys in bug suits, or people in armor battling monsters. Of the shows on the Toei Tokusatsu channel I could have checked out at least three of them were used in Saban’s VR Troopers in the same way Sentai is used for the Power Rangers franchise. However, the one I decided to check out first was Jiraiya and I was a tad surprised. […]


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