After the screw-up by Toei when it came to activating their new YouTube channel early and thus subjecting it to a takedown from their own copywrite bots, they have it up and running so of course I checked it out. Japanese superheroes are a bit different from American ones, with exceptions like GatchamanTiger & Bunny, and My Hero Academia outside of secret identities (and I could be wrong about MHA) not always being a concern. I think the Gatchaman team had them, which is funny when Battle Of The Planets, the first US dub, didn’t. Usually it features teens in spandex, guys in bug suits, or people in armor battling monsters. Of the shows on the Toei Tokusatsu channel I could have checked out at least three of them were used in Saban’s VR Troopers in the same way Sentai is used for the Power Rangers franchise. However, the one I decided to check out first was Jiraiya and I was a tad surprised.

World Ninja War Jiraiya (the show’s full name but not the one used in the video) follows the battles of a ninja in training forced to protect an important object from other ninja. Curiously, if the first episode is to be believed, our hero Toha Yamaji appears to be fighting other humans in different costumes, not space creatures. One of them is, I kid you not, a British knight on horseback who occasionally says something in English. I’m not sure if this is going to be unintentionally hilarious or actual good but a bit weird. Check out the first episode and see what you think. But remember, in order to get the English subtitles (sadly not including the opening and closing theme) you’ll have to turn on the closed captions. Just click the [CC] next to the gear in the player controls.

Catch more episodes of this and other tokusatsu shows from Toei on their YouTube channel.

If the outfit looks familiar to Power Ranger fans Jiraiya’s outfit was used for an episode of Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel, where he was referred to as Space Sheriff Skyfire. I don’t know why. I looked and I don’t think they ever teamed up. According to one fan wiki I looked at his only appearance outside of his own show was in one movie of the Space Squad series. As far as the appearance that Jiraiya keeps a secret identity in this episode, that’s out the window in episode two (the only episode up as of this writing) so I don’t see the point.

While looking through the list I saw something else that I plan to go with next week. Not the VR Trooper fodder, but something we’ve talked about in the past is finally available for us to get a real good look at…unless they take it down by next Saturday. That’s happened to be before.

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