I’ve never embedded a livestream from Twitch before so I hope this works. If not I’ll have links below to the Twitch and YouTube channels hosting the event. They don’t have a set stream for YouTube so I have to try it this way. Hopefully it works.

In place of a comic review today (Saturday Night Showcase will post per usual so check that out later) I bring you At Home Comic Con, a live stream featuring a series of comic book YouTube discussion channels (including some of my favorites–in no particular order: Comic Drake, Strip Panel Naked, NerdSync, Owen Likes Comics, and Comicstorian plus ones I haven’t followed but you might like) doing live panels online for Hope From Home, a charity pushing against Covid-19. It’s organized by Comic Drake, Owen Likes Comics, and Matt Draper. If you’re fans of those or any of the other participants their panels will also be streamed on their YouTube channel in case you only want to see your favorites. Click the image in the embedded tweet below for the last posted schedule (only part of the image is showing below). I won’t be part of the stream but I might show up in the YouTube chat for some of the panels, depending on what I’m working on that day and when I get up, but I do plan to at least be listening most of the afternoon. Note that I can’t promise they won’t be swearing.

At Home Comic Con on YouTube

At Home Comic Con on Twitch

At Home Comic Con’s Twitter (to keep track of who’s next and when)

I’m hoping if they do this next year reviewers and actual creators…not just the big names but indie and self publishers–I have some friends I could recommend…as well as webcomic creators could be involved, because that would be cool.

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