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Lightspeed Electroid Albegas was intended to be the third Voltron, or second if you want to be specific, referred to by fans as Gladiator Voltron. I wrote about this some time ago but here’s the short version. When World Events Productions originally planned Voltron they meant to have it as a trilogy, The Voltron Trilogy. The vehicle team would be the Voltron of the near universe, the lions would be the Voltron of the far universe, and three robots would be Voltron of the middle universe. Matchbox had released the toys with the vehicles as Voltron I, the robots as Voltron II, and the lions as Voltron III. This didn’t work out because the show was aired wrong. When it finally aired the Lion Force was released in full and then the Vehicle Team. Their method of connecting the two Voltrons was using Galaxy Garrison footage from Armor Fleet DiaRugger mixed into the Beast King GoLion footage and making Chip the brother of Pidge. Most kids didn’t pick up on it and DiaRugger was a far different show than GoLion. So the robot trio never got out of the planning stage as World Events Productions just had original Voltron episodes made with the Lion Force and just had a few characters from Galaxy Garrison wearing the Dairugger officer uniforms. Then there’s the TV movie Fleet Of Doom which was to be honest more like a Lion Force episode with cameos by the Vehicle team rather than a full cameo.

At the time of the original article I couldn’t find more than a few clips of Albegas. Enter Toei’s new Toei Tokusatsu World channel. Though most of the shows are tokusatsu shows they did slip a few giant robot anime in there and guess what popped up? Yes, tonight we finally get to look at the Voltron that wasn’t and see if it would have worked as a Voltron show. Episode one introduces us to a trio of robot builders, whose giant robots are no match for an invading force known as the Derinja (at least that was the name I found in the article; the subtitles call them Derringer) until they’re rebuilt into true fighting robots and able to combine into Voltron…I mean Albegas. Enjoy, and remember to click on the captions to get the English subtitles!

What the heck, we Voltron fans waited so many years. Let’s watch another one!

Here’s the idea I had for how this could have been made into Voltron, from my original article on the series.

While we have no official idea of what a Gladiator Voltron would have been like, we can sure speculate. If it were me, this would of course be a not-Earth planet somewhere in the middle universe. The Drules finally decide to make a link between their two empires in the near and far universes, with not-Earth the staging ground of Drule invasion. Three young cadets of Galaxy Garrison would be training on this planet when they invade but their robots would be no match. The girl happens to be the daughter of a famous scientist and the one who rebuilt the robots, but I’d probably have him be one of the scientists who helped create Vehicle Voltron, and would apply that knowledge to make a new Voltron to protect them from the Drule incursion into their universe. But what World Events would have done we may never know.

Now if Toei brings us Future Robot Daltanious we’ll have the complete Voltron. Until then check out the official Toei Tokusatsu World YouTube channel for more live-action and animated heroes fighting monsters.


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  1. Sean says:

    That was cool! I’ve waited close to 36 years to see the “Gladiator Voltron” (here, actually the original Albegas) in cartoon form, but it was well worth the wait. These two episodes were action packed with even a nice touch of humor…..the various innuendo was quite humorous! In some ways, Albegas reminded me of Tranzor Z: a headquarters in a rural area where robots are designed and kept, a scientist father, a Bobobot type robot along with the goofy human controller (kind of like Bobo), a little brother to one of the main characters, a female who controls a robot.

    I really liked the transformation sequence of the robots forming Albegas. If WEP (World Events Productions) had produced Voltron Gladiator episodes, I think it’s something I would have enjoyed watching. From first seeing Voltron Gladiator on the back cover of the packaging of my Vehicle Team Voltron, I’ve been curious all these years about this transforming trio of robots. Thank you for alerting us about the Albegas episodes, Tronix!


  2. […] has put up the first two episodes (as of this writing) on their new YouTube channel. I posted them in a Saturday Night Showcase if you want to check them […]


  3. […] I been able to fill in one of the gaps, with the official posting of the Voltron that wasn’t, Lightspeed Electroid Albegas, but still two other animes have alluded me. The Voltron that should have been, Future […]


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