Well, it’s official. The old Vista computer is kaputski. The hard drive died but most annoyingly it’s so kaput that I can’t even get any data off of it. My computer expert friend is looking for a budget Windows 10 computer not only for my image work but the video editing, which takes more image and processing power. I tried doing this article on the XP laptop but I could write a whole sentence and wait almost a minute foo back and deal with the typos and start all over again, as well as type in the words the computer somehow missed. This is not an option.

The type of computer my friend is looking at will require a little reorganizing of the computer desk workspace plus time to put all of my productivity software in and set everything up. So I probably won’t be updating for a while. I’ll try to do something if I can use my dad’s computer downstairs to have content during the quarantine and I’ll report when the new comp is up and running. Otherwise I’ll be silent for a while but still around to keep an eye on things.See you soon.

About ShadowWing Tronix

A would be comic writer looking to organize his living space as well as his thoughts. So I have a blog for each goal. :)

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  1. Sean says:

    Sorry to hear about this situation, but glad to hear that Tim is helping you out with this matter. Use this unintentional break from bwspotlight as a chance to create some of your own comic books again or write some short stories. Catch up on some reading (novels and comic books). Maybe even create some artwork that you could put up for sale. Face masks with artistic designs seems to be the new cool thing. The possibilities are endless, Tronix. In the meantime, I and others look forward to what the future of bwspotlight will look like when the site returns in full action.


  2. Sean says:

    Have you been working on any cool, creative endeavors (creating comics, writing short stories, etc.) during this 2 week hiatus from the bwspotlight site, Tronix?


    • Just this week’s Jake & Leon. I think it’s pretty creative. I’ve focused on a few other things during the time off.


      • Sean says:

        Good to hear. On Friday, I discovered a site called Blackstar: Return to Sagar, and one of the threads showed a mini-comic that came with a Blackstar toy which was sold in Greece back in the 1980s. The mini-comic obviously had been written in Greek, but a fan translated it into English. One interesting aspect was that in this Greek Blackstar mini-comic, Blackstar actually had blond hair….which gave him an uncanny resemblance to He-Man! So there’s many amazing mini-comic discoveries out there! I can understand why you hunt such treasures down online and share them with your readers here on bwspotlight, Tronix.

        That would be a good video or television show: Tronix, In Search of Mini-Comics (like Animal Planet’s In Search of Bigfoot).


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