Riker’s not even there and he’s as confused as everyone else.

Star Trek: The Next Generation–The Modala Imperative #4


DC Comics (October, 1991)

“Game, Set, And Match!”

WRITER: Peter David

ARTIST: Pablo Marcos


LETTERER: Bob Pinaha

EDITOR: Robert Greenberger

The Ferengi takes everyone prisoner except Spock, who manages to get away.  As the Enterprise-D races back to Modala Spock saves Troi from being stripped by mind melding with her through a cell wall and helping her do the Vulcan Neck Pinch. He frees Troi and McCoy. Meanwhile Damon Tran prepares to execute the Modalan and rebel forces unless they agree to become willing slaves as a lesson to the rest of the planet. Only Stroyka, his wife Neera, and Owz refusing (along with an unnamed character nobody cares about) but Picard challenges Tran to a duel with the Enterprise as collateral. The duel involves mentally-attacking cubes but as Picard weakens Spock manages to telepathically link with him and help him push through it. Don’t worry, Tran was cheating as well so it all balances out. The Ferengi lose their claim on Modala and leave, with Owz becoming the new second-in-command.

What they got right: Overall it’s been a good miniseries. Nearly everyone gets a moment to shine, the mental battle is interestingly depicted (at least on Picard’s side when Spock enters his mind), and the two factions on Modala coming together makes for a satisfactory ending.

What they got wrong: McCoy is the exception since he just ends up being a hostage and not really contributing much of anything to this issue. The only time I can recall Spock being able to mentally link to someone without touching them is V’Ger, which was a special case, so having him mind melding to Picard from across the street seems unlikely. I would rather have seen Picard overcome the challenge cube on his own.

Recommendation: I want to get the first miniseries and the issue I’m missing from this one, though in the TNG version I’m not sure a fourth issue was necessary. I enjoyed this one and even on its own it’s a story worth looking into.

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  1. SEan says:

    Or under the comic, it could have said: “Judge Dred is a special guest on Star Trek: The Next Generation”!

    Glad to see that bwspotlight is back in full operation! Too many things have been shut down over the past 2 months, and bwspotlight had already been shut down 4 different weeks out of the past 2 months. Hopefully, it’s smooth sailing from here on out for your site. Can’t say the same for other aspects of society though…….


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