And this was BEFORE the booze!

Robotech II: The Sentinels book 3 #17

Academy Comics, Ltd (May, 1995)

“A Portion For Foxes”


LETTERING: Alphabet Soup

The Sentinels setup a bio-dome to receive and treat their exposed comrades. The Wolfe Pack is getting their heads handed to them by the Inorganics. Max leaves his wife in the hands of another pilot to lend aid but before Skull Squadron arrives Kami and the Resistance appear with some Bioroid comrades. Together they and the Wolfe Pack finish the Inorganics off and liberate Garuda. Miriya is fine but whatever news Jean has about her will have to wait because Rick, Lisa, Karen, and the others got too much atmospheric exposure and now they’re dying!

What they got right: It’s a great battle and the Garudans get to be the most important part of their own liberation. Meanwhile, Rick and the gang are not going to just magically recover…not without some actual magic first next issue but that’s jumping ahead.

What they got wrong: Finding information on the lettering studio behind this is difficult given how many other uses for “alphabet soup” (most notably the actual soup) there are, but I hope they got better. Someone decided to shade some of the word balloons representing radio chatter but in many cases you can read them at all because the shading is too dark with the black lettering. Have these guys ever done a black and white comic before this? The sound effects in boxes continue and one of the narration boxes has spelling errors, unless they meant to write that the planet was mad and to spell Rick’s name with a small “r”.

Recommendation: Still recommending the whole series, especially for Robotech fans.

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    Another awesome cover!

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