Don’t worry. She has a food replicator and plenty of movies on her tablet.

So here we are finally back in action. And this post is a bit late again, just so you know things are back to normal. Yep, totally why the comic isn’t on the dot. Anyway we’ve finally checked in with the entire gang, so now I need to figure out what to do next. We finally have the beginnings of a schedule to open Connecticut back up but the social distancing is still in effect for the time being as per the phase by phase plan.

Meanwhile over at The Clutter Reports I show off the new main computer. I’m still using the same old art computer but now I should be able to make content without waiting as long for stuff to load. It will be obsolete by next Tuesday of course, and that’s only because the lockdown is slowing things up, but it seems to be going good thus far. Hopefully we’re done with interruptions.

This week (fingers crossed) We start the last five chapters of Spider-Man: Carnage In New York and do another Art Of Storytelling. I’m not sure what else is coming but I also need to create a new file for the Free Comic Inside minicomics. Hopefully I remember where to find everything. He-Man/She-Ra comics, Starriors now, and Sectaurs are easy and I had backups of the DC/Kenner Super Powers Collection, plus that article that helped me find a bunch more stuff. but we’ll see what I’m forgetting. However, I can start making content again and this is a good thing. Have a good week, folks!

About ShadowWing Tronix

A would be comic writer looking to organize his living space as well as his thoughts. So I have a blog for each goal. :)

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