The last known picture of this wall intact. People claim a tornado hit it.

Free Comic Book Day and Nickelodeon Avatar: The Last Airbender

Dark Horse (May, 2011)

Except according to the comiXology store page it was printed in February 2013 and released digitally November of 2018. Also the description doesn’t match the comic’s actual two stories. Somebody screwed up somewhere.

COVER ART: Bryan Konietzko, Hye Jung Kim, & Bryan Evans

LETTERING: Comicraft

EDITORS: Samantha Robinson & Dave Roman



COLORIST: Hye Jung Kim

“Dirty Is Only Skin Deep”

WRITER: J.Torres


The first story takes place early in Aang and friends’ journey. At a bazaar Aang finds an old Airbender pendant. This leads him to an old cave, but with Katara insistent on finding a Waterbender to train Aang he goes alone and walks right into a trap. Too bad Zhao doesn’t know anything about airbender relics. This is a good story and you have to feel sorry for Aang when he learns the truth. The art is also spot-on to the series and given how beautiful the art is that’s an even better compliment than usual.

The back-up story takes place further in the series, after Toph has joined Team Avatar. They stop to get cleaned up but Toph doesn’t want to take a bath and Katara decides to force the issue. It’s a fun little short, but the art is not as good as the first story.

Overall this is a really good comic and a good introduction to the series for comic fans who didn’t watch it and to the comics for show fans who didn’t read it. It’s worth getting and it is free up at comiXology (which you can also read through Kindle if you’re a reader of books) so check it out.

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