This wasn’t a good week to get a Jake & Leon comic done. I had to get thing set up for the change to Spring and Summer here in BW Attic HQ, which I mention in this week’s Clutter Report and a friend is trying to figure out why the computer is going blue screen on me. We think we know what the problem is and just need to work on the solution. Luckily I can still continue normal BW operations. It’s just by the time we (well, he) was done and I had lunch I didn’t think I could do a proper comic without rushing it. Yes, even the art style designed to make it easier to rush has its limitations. So hopefully we’ll have a new comic next week.

As for what else is coming, Art Of Storytelling continues the comic marathon with comic books, I’ll be reviewing the same comic books as I have been (just different issues, naturally), we’re getting closer to the end of Spider-Man: Carnage In New York for Chapter By Chapter, and if I can track down the next Free Comic Inside comic I want to use (maybe integrating them into the regular longboxes wasn’t such a good idea after all because I own this one) you’ll see that. So this week may be very comic sided depending on what’s going on in the reel world to comment on. Some studios are resuming work, publishers are seeking to get back into slowly opening comic stores, so maybe there will be something interesting to talk about this week. The only video game news has been in a franchise I don’t follow, and outside of celebrities being idiots on the internet as they try to pretend they’re just like us (I’ve seen Madonna pretend she know how to sing in a YouTube video…meanwhile YouTube-based musicians are making her look like more of a chump by being good without a huge staff and studio) so there haven’t been as many current events to discuss. We’ll see what comes up or what I can come up with.

Have a good week everyone. I’m still waiting until I can get a haircut again.

About ShadowWing Tronix

A would be comic writer looking to organize his living space as well as his thoughts. So I have a blog for each goal. :)

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  1. Sean says:

    “Let’s Get Seasonal” could be a song sung to the same tune as Olivia Newton John’s song “Let’s Get Physical”. “Seasonal, seasonal…..I want to get seasonal with you!”

    What does “going blue screen” mean?

    Because Diamond is “back in the saddle” distributing comics, I’ll finally be picking up Masters of the Multi-Verse issue #6 on Wednesday. It will be interesting to see how shopping in a Connecticut comic book shop has changed since the last time I was there in mid-March (just before Governor Lamont shut them down).

    You’re still waiting to get a haircut? On Saturday, I used my moustache/beard trimmer clippers (I only have a moustache) and cut off my head hair. Then I put shaving cream on my head and used a razor to shave it. From here on out, I’ll be shaving my head with shaving cream and a razor once a week instead of going to the barbershop to get my head shaved once a month. It’s a way for me to avoid the new intricate procedures of Connecticut’s barber shops and hair salons and also to avoid the inevitable increased prices that will come due to the businesses now having to get PPE, new procedures, etc.

    On this Memorial Day, let’s all remember those who died fighting for America. We have freedom due to their sacrifices. Let’s pray for good health and freedom to return to America.


  2. Sean says:

    Post a picture of your quarantine hair, Tronix!


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