In our last Showcase featuring G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero I posted the first three miniseries that led to the full series. Since then Hasbro has posted a few other multipart episodes, like the time Cobra created synthetic people or the time some of the canceled toys went to another dimension. However, one of the most important miniseries comes from this period, when Hasbro decided to shake up the toyline by creating a new Cobra leader, relegating Cobra Commander to Starscream. (I wonder if Chris Latta felt typecast at that point?) Since the cartoon had a heavy sci-fi bend and even the comic could break out the superscience now and then the backstory was that Dr. Mindbender stole DNA from some famous warrior generals to create a new leader from scratch. They got Serpentor. It…didn’t go as planned. Serpentor might have been as bad if not worse than Cobra Commander. He’s hot-headed, impatient, and believe he can win because he says he can. Old CC may have had an ego problem but Serpentor didn’t exactly come off as the right solution. He would take back command in the DIC miniseries “Operation Dragonfire”, one of the rare good(-ish) stories from that run.

“Arise, Serpentor, Arise” is just as memorable as the pre-series miniseries so tonight I bring you that. And since YouTube is still doing their rather lame “solution” to their COPPA failings, which somehow involved not allowing kids shows to be saved to personal playlists (and the way Hasbro posted these later ones is kind of all over the place, five videos await you below. Enjoy.

Here’s the full G.I. Joe episode playlist if you want to hunt down your favorite two-parters (it’s all a scrambled mess) but you’d be better off going to Tubi or your streaming service of choice and watching them that way. It’s still a legal upload and the rights owners know people want to see them and you get a show in the proper order free of guilt.

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