I want to do a Big Floating Head joke but I didn’t really watch Third Rock From The Sun. I heard Shatner guested once.

Star Trek: The Next Generation #61

DC Comics (July, 1994)

“Brothers In Darkness”

WRITER: Michael Jan Friedman

ARTIST: Deryl Skelton

COLORIST: Rick Taylor

LETTERER: Bob Pinaha

EDITOR: Margaret Clark

On the surface the Away Team rescues a crewmember from both the Federation ship and the Chalnoth ship. They learn that the creature on the planet had her head goofed up by the Chalnoth’s disruptors and reversed her thinking, attacking the “invading” eggs and “protecting” the invaders by cocooning them up on the wall. The Federation team managed to rescue the remaining eggs before themselves being “protected”. The freed Chalnoth decide to just kill the creature and the Away Team stops them, with one member hurt. The rescued Federation officer mentions that the cocoons offer advanced healing and they get the injured party cocooned because it’s not safe to move her, and sure it enough it works enough to take her out. As Picard uses a cunning way of disabling the Chalnoth ships Crusher manages to help the creature unscramble her marbles and go back to protecting her offspring.

What they got right: Not having read the previous issues in this story arc as of this review it does a good job of getting the important details out. The away team’s mission is clear as well as Picard’s problems “upstairs”. Everyone uses their heads to deal with the problem but we still get a little action when the Chalnoth among them decide to blow stuff up.

What they got wrong: Again, I haven’t read the beginning of this story but I don’t have any complaints about this issue in particular worth mentioning.

Recommendation: Not a bad story for coming in the middle. Maybe give it a look.

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