Soon everyone knew about Miles’ secret piano skills.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine #21

Malibu Comics (April, 1995)


WRITER: Dan Mishkin


INKER: Bruce McCorkindale


INTERIOR COLOR: Foodhammeri & Nathan Potvin

LETTERER: Mike Delepine

ASSISTANT EDITOR: Clarissa Manansala

EDITOR: Mark Paniccia

A Tzuweri ship carrying stolen and illegal hallucinogenic devices attempts to use their transporter on their own ship to escape the station, but ends up creating a slowly expanding phase shift that makes those inside it hallucinate. The crew attempt to undo the damage but the Tzuweri try to get into normal space and take over the station to restore their ship and make their escape. In the end however our heroes manage to restore the area to normal space and the villains are defeated.

What they got right: There are a number of good ideas here that I wish the comic had more room to explore. The hallucinations could have led to some good character moments. Sisko makes a comment about everyone from different races working together, which would have been nice to see. The concept lend itself well to a good story in general and a Star Trek story specifically.

What they got wrong: Not having that room. Maybe a two-part story at least could have allowed these ideas a bit more breathing room. Also Rom and Quark look too much alike. I can tell them apart in the show but it’s a bit harder here.

Recommendation: A good story that could have been a really good story with a bit more time. Still worth checking out though.

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