“I knew I shouldn’t have let John Stewart choose the decor.”

Iron Man volume 3 #74

Marvel Comics (January, 2004)


WRITER: John Jackson Miller

ARTIST: Jorge Lucas

COLORIST: Antonio Fabela

LETTERER: Randy Gentile

ASSISTANT EDITORS: Marc Sumerak & Andy Schmidt

EDITOR: Tom Brevoort

If the summary comes off as too short realize that the events are more detailed, but thankfully not overly detailed. It’s pretty much about Tony learning what he’s going to have to deal with both in the nomination process and the job of being Secretary Of Defense. He does take a moment to warn the guys Birch is pushing one of his abandoned project why Tony abandoned it, and there’s a scene with Rumiko while he settles his life situation to better his chances, and then the announcement of his nomination with the declaration that if he’s approved he can ensure nobody will die in war again.

Look, I admit I am totally biased personally against this. From a critical perspective the story isn’t bad. It’s well told and the art is good. The likenesses of then-President George W. Bush and other political figures are good, though I could question the attempts to make things photorealistic only to come off as a distraction. Otherwise the art is good and the coloring outstanding.

My problem is the same I had with Christopher Priest’s run on Steel, not that the stories are bad but they aren’t superhero stories. I picked this series up to read Iron Man fighting supervillains, not Tony Stark fighting the political system. Besides, a businessman getting into politics and an important spot in the White House? When would that ever happen? Heh.

As unbiased as I can I will say it’s a good story. However, this hasn’t been about Iron Man for the past two writers as old Shellhead seems to be an afterthought, especially after Tony unmasked. If you want a superhero story this isn’t it, but if you want a political insider tale that just happens to star a guy with his own battlesuit, go for it.

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