No comic this week as my plans went elsewhere. Part of it includes the records (not the music one) being sorted as mentioned in this week’s Clutter Report. Had an interesting topical one too, though hopefully by next Sunday it won’t be. It probably still will be but I’d like the nightmares to end now. 2020 has been pushing to become the apocalypse we “expected” ten years ago. Or Twenty with Y2K now that I think of it. Oh no, are we going to start EVERY decade this century with crap going on? Anyway, moving on to the update portion.

This week I’ll be looking at the final chapter of Spider-Man: Carnage In New York for Chapter By Chapter. As far as the next book in the series, I have three options and I think, as a test for someday trying Patreon again, I’m going to let you, the BW readership, choose which one I do next. Look for that on Tuesday. I’m not really sure what else is coming up this week. The latest news is mostly behind the scenes stuff and teaser trailers as movie theaters slowly open across the planet (Hollywood seems to care more about the Chinese market than the American one) and death plague restrictions slowly lift. Even my Filler Video offerings are only good for the daily quick post. Don’t worry, I’ll think of something. Hope you all have a good week.

About ShadowWing Tronix

A would be comic writer looking to organize his living space as well as his thoughts. So I have a blog for each goal. :)

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  1. Sean says:

    Nightmares? I hope that everything is ok with you and your family. I’ll say some prayers for you all.

    Also, new films will come out to the movie theaters only when the cinemas in New York City and Lost Angeles actually reopen for business. That’s what I’ve read.


    • I meant the current situation out in the world. The death plague, the peaceful looting riots, the killer cops that have become a false representation of anyone in a badge and would have put attention on the problems in the police if not for the extreme counteractions, that stuff. We’re otherwise fine.


      • Sean says:

        Glad to hear you and your family are doing ok during these troubled times, Tronix. In order to escape the stresses of today’s reality, I’ve been reading Dr. Who novels and Arak, Son of Thunder comic books during this month of June.

        In your Clutter Reports article, I noticed 3 VHS tapes or DVD covers on your table. I was able to identify the Blackstar VHS tape, but what are the other 2 media items on that table?


        • Two Beetleborg compilation movies. (After your time…how often do you hear that?) It’s an old picture but I still have them. As I recall I was using them so the air conditioner didn’t blow the papers everywhere or give me a cold.


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