It’s the advanced stage of Youngsblood disease! (For you Atop The Fourth Wall fans.)

Justice League Unlimited #23

DC Comics (September, 2006)


WRITER: Mik McAvennie

PENCILER: Leigh Gallagher

INKER: Jesse Delperdang

COLORING: Heroic Age

COVER ART: Ty Templeton

LETTERER: Pat Brosseau

EDITOR: Michael Wright

The Royal Flush Gang stages a bank robbery, but the police slow them down long enough for the Justice League to arrive and capture them. Our framing device are three different witnesses–a kid who is upset he missed the rest of the fight, a bank teller when two of the gang re-enter the bank to take hostages, and a cop who tried to stop King from escaping–tell their part of the story to the investigating detective, John Jones. If you know your DC you already know who that is.

What they got right: It’s the framing device that takes would could have been an average story into something a bit more interesting. I like when we get to see the superheroing from others perspective. Also, and this means a bit more when this posts than it will further down the line, John tells the black police officer that he’s the real hero because he fights bad guys and risks his life without superpowers like the firefighters and medics, plus J’onn thanked the officer earlier for calling him a superhero and being more amazed at meeting one than meeting a Martian.

What they got wrong: This version of the Royal Flush Gang has never matched up with the version we see in Batman Beyond, which takes place in the same continuity, unless only one King and Queen in the family line had superpowers. And isn’t this Ten supposed to be dead already? Why does she keep coming back?

Recommendation: What could have been a decent story is improved to pretty good thanks to using the witnesses to tell the story. Pick this one up if you have the chance.

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