Isn’t this how Max and Miriya’s romance started?

Robotech II: The Sentinels book 4 #2

Academy Comics, Ltd (January, 1996)

“No Man’s Land”

WRITERS/ARTISTS: John and Jason Waltrip

Minmei and her mystery helper run from Edwards’s flunkies and try to reach Dr. Lang’s. Meanwhile the RDF fleet reaches Breetai’s ship and attacks. On Tirol Vince begins arrangements to release Rem, and now everyone knows he’s a Zor clone. The infected receive treatment but something is up with Rick’s eyes and Miriya’s baby. While this all goes on Baker’s team continues to attempt to meet up with the others only to be attacked by more of the planet’s defenses.

What they got right: We learn a bit more of Haydon’s influence in this galaxy. The action is well done, and if the Waltrips are doing the sound effects now they’re portrayed a lot better.

What they got wrong: A few balloons and panels seem to use different fonts for some reason. It’s minor but it’s all I really have until the pilot’s identity is revealed.

Recommendation: Still a good, solid story worth picking up for Robotech fans.

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  1. Sean says:

    Wait a minute…..did Breetai become a “bad guy” again?


    • No. Check the summaries from the previous week? He’s trying to keep Edwards from attacking Earth while helping the Sentinels defeat the Invid.

      (edited because I sounded like a jerk the way I phrased the second sentence. Sorry.)


      • Sean says:

        Now I get it. Guess I was a little confused at first when I saw the phrase “RDF Fleet reaches Breetai’s ship and attacks”. I’m automatically conditioned to think of the RDF as being the “good guys”.


        • Usually they are. Edwards is just manipulating everyone to pursue his own ends. Only a few people realize what he’s up to. As for the captain of this fleet I think he has a history with the Zentraedi but the previews suggestion something’s going to change next issue. We’ll have to wait two weeks as next week I’ll be doing another Worlds Of Robotech book back on Garuda.


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