“At least I’m not a werewolf in THIS race!”

Scooby-Doo #20

DC Comics (March, 1999)

COLORIST (only listed in second story): Paul Becton

LETTERER: John Costanza

ASSISTANT EDITOR) only credited in first story) Harvey Richards

EDITOR: Dana Kurtin

“Wraithcar Driver”

WRITER: John Rozum

PENCILER: Rurik Tyler

INKER: Dan Davis

“Ghost In The Machina”

WRITER: Terrance Griep

PENCILER: Joe Staton

INKER: Andrew Pepoy

Daphne’s racer cousin and his mechanic help fix the Mystery Machine, but the gang learns a ghost racer is forcing drivers to crash and drop out of the Fortune 500. Again, there’s no mystery solving for the audience as you watch the gang uncover what’s really happening. On that level though the story is good.

The back-up has the gang checking out a ghostly car at a car wash, but it’s just an excuse to get Shaggy and Scooby to finally take a bath. I wasn’t really a fan of this one, though plotwise seeing the gang do their own fake haunt is neat.

Overall it’s only worth getting for the main story. The back-up isn’t all that good, but at least it isn’t terrible. With that is the last of the physical Scooby-Doo comics I currently own. However, thanks to the Scoob! promotion there are plenty of digital comics in my comiXology library and rather than save them for when I get there in the rotation I’ll be reviewing those in this slot. That makes two draws from my digital library for reviews.

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