“Either somebody screwed up with this flag or Puerto Rico finally became a full state.”

Iron Man volume 3 #78

Marvel Comics (May, 2004)

“The Best Defense” finale: “Confirmation”

WRITER: John Jackson Miller

ARTIST: Jorge Lucas

COLORIST: Antonio Fabela

LETTERER: Randy Gentile

ASSISTANT EDITORS: Sumerak, Schmidt, & Wiley

EDITOR: Tom Brevoort

With a little help from the Air Force and his knowledge of his stolen tech, Iron Man manages to fix Birch’s errors, save the airplane crew, and stop the plane from crashing into the Congressional building. After all that the Senators all change their minds and swear Tony Stark in as the Secretary Of Defense.

What they got right: It’s a short summary but this is an action-packed finale as we see the technical side as well as active side of the various rescues. You can tell this was created for the trade because even as a miniseries this is an issue where not much story happens. As a finale to the arc however it does work. We also get a speech from Tony about how Iron Man wasn’t Tony stroking his ego or trying to make his company look good. Iron Man was about saving lives and helping people. I do like when we get into the nature of what a superhero truly is, and that may be why ultimately I’ll keep this arc in my collection.

What they got wrong: However I have no qualms about stopping my collecting of the series here. As with the three writers before him Jackson pulls Tony away from superheroing and running a company so successful with advanced technology that villains keep attacking it. I don’t want to see a superhero as Secretary Of Defense or seeing Tony due less supervillain fighting that he already had been. This is why I dropped the series back then and why I have no interest in changing this now.

Recommendation: It’s a good story arc over all but it reminds me why I collected so little from Marvel these past few years, even when I had a job. As a story it’s good. As an Iron Man story it really doesn’t work. Base your own decision to get this on that and you won’t be disappointed either way.

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