The black costume. Whether a brain-eating symbiote or simply a fashion choice. the black costume has its fans…for example me. I think it makes him look more like a “spider man” than the red and blue costume without the webbing, and it better matches the more stealthier side of his moves while still allowing him to fight like normal. Plus it looks like the pop culture interpretation of a ninja and came out in the 1980s so I’m surprised to find out the trouble Marvel had selling it.

Also interesting is where the idea of the new costume came from, a pitch by a fan looking to become a creator–if only for a brief time. I have two videos here from the YouTube channel and series Casually Comics as host Sasha Wood goes over the backstage history of the black costume, the formation of Venom and the symbiotes, and why the creator of the costume hates the symbiotes and deserves more credit. The first covers the history of the suit (advanced warning…includes the meme-tastic scene from Scanners where a man’s head makes a gory explosion–but you have time to turn away when it appears) while the second goes over the pitch for why Spidey changed his look. By watching them together here you also get my commentary. Ignore reading it if you wish…like I could stop you. 🙂 Hopefully you’ll find something on this page interesting.

Why is she calling the symbiote Venom? I thought Venom was the name of Eddie and the symbiote together? Granted I don’t know all of symbiote lore and since Venom’s debut there have a lot of additions, like the origin reveal that the symbiotes are aliens who bond with hosts like a living costume, and writers have played havoc with this particular symbiote being secretly good or potentially good but sometimes its conscience comes from the host…CONSISTENCY, PEOPLE! TRY IT FOR ONCE, MARVEL WRITERS!!!!” I also don’t know why Carnage is the only symbiote depicted in red when every other symbiote we see, whether Venom spawn (natural like Carnage or artificial) or the rest of its species are depicted in black, even when bonded to the host. At least the spider symbol is unique to Venom due to his short bonding to Peter and serving as his Spider-Man costume.

I can understand Randy Schueller not being happy that his black costume was turned into a villain/anti-hero. How would you like something created to aid one of your favorite heroes being turned evil? Plus Schueller’s idea didn’t involve adrenaline junkie space costumes. What did his story involve? Wood also goes over that story in a follow-up video when Marvel wrote a story based closer to the pitch…and still managed to get the facts wrong. I expect better of you, Peter David!

Question: couldn’t Reed’s costume machine just make him one in the traditional colors? The Fantastic Four all wear blue, even during the brief period Spidey was on the team (in an alternate universe but still), so I’m sure it would be easy to do. As far as the colors, it kind of reminds me of Miles Morales’ costume with the red spider. I think it looks better with the white costume, though I’m not sure the little girl wouldn’t have been scared anyway.

Someday I hope to come across this comic and really get down to what DeFalco wrote in his notes to Schueller about his pitch. I did note in the comments that this was a pitch and not a full script, so what Spidey was doing at the time (swinging through the city, hanging from a building, chilling with Bruce the gargoyle from the cartoon) isn’t important at this stage. Granted I’m not a professional but I would try to grab a few to bounce this off with. I know people thanks to this site and it would be interesting. I might even bring Sasha in if she was curious because a pure fan perspective might be a fun addition to the discussion with these mythical professionals. (I do know some; I just don’t know if they’d take be able or willing to take part. Jerzy? Landry? Someone else I don’t know reads these things on occasion?) Something to think about in the future.

I agree with Sasha that the white is better than the red, but what I’d really like is something closer to the nanite suit in the Spider-Man Unlimited cartoon if you’re going to drag Reed into it. It even came with cool bonus abilities, like a cloaking “stealth mode” and anti-symbiote gear. Now do that in the black and white form and you have my attention. Too bad Marvel’s messed up the webhead so bad that getting back into him requires an alternate universe.

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