Just because I haven’t played a game doesn’t mean I can’t learn anything from videos about said game. That came up when I posted a video about a broken magic system in a game I hadn’t played versus a good system in a game I also haven’t played. The host of that video gave all the information needed to follow along. Since this week my schedule has been a scramble I’m posting such a video again.

From what I hear The Last Of Us 2 made some huge missteps in their story, by killing favorite characters and then having you play as those killers. It’s certainly an example of the difference between watching a character and playing a character, something I’ll be bringing up in Art Of Storytelling. However, if you’re going for realism…in a story where people are taken over by fungi and turned into mushroom monsters, your typical Wednesday…it is important to get your facts straight. For example, the reason a group of humans wants the girl you’re protecting is because somehow her brain is capable of creating a vaccine for the fungi. MatPat of Game Theory goes over why the science doesn’t really add up here. Don’t watch this one while eating or just before bed. Kind of the wrong time to post it in my native time zone, isn’t it?

Catch more Game Theory on the Theorists’ YouTube channel.

Again, going on what I’ve heard rather than any knowledge of the game, but this is something science fiction (and horror can use sci-fi and fantasy elements, like in this example) has done for a long time but is getting harder as we learn more about science. It tries to weave it’s narrative through a lack of scientific and medical knowledge, making the story believable for the sake of the story. In this case there needs to be a reason for the Fireflies to be a threat to Elle but create a moral dilemma between personal attachments and the fate of the world. What does it cost a man to gain the whole world but lose their soul? What is the greater good? That is a good source for the conflict. However, as seen here, you could just have someone with the knowledge, or have Joel stumble upon a book about fungal infections and find a passage the “experts” here missed, show them they’re whole perspective is based on bad science, and save Elle that way. Would it have had the reaction to the player they wanted? Maybe not, but it would have been realistic in as much as what science actually tells us about fungal infections. Then everybody wins. A cure is found and Elle gets to play guitar another day. I can go for that kind of solution. It’s one of those things writers have to decide on, when to play games with the science for the sake of the drama or the action and when to get it right. This is why I push for “believable” over “realistic” in most cases. That and the definition of “realism” on that side is usually cynical and a bit off kilter.

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