“Garak, this isn’t the place for that!”

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine #26

Malibu Comics Entertaiment (July, 1995)

COLORIST: Moose Baumann

LETTERER: Michael DeLepine

EDITOR: Mark Paniccia

“Genesis Denied” part 1

WRITERS; Chris Dows & COlin Clayton


INKER: Jack Snider

COLOR SEPARATIONS: Violet Hues with Janice Wismar

“Mudd’s Pets” part 1

WRITERS: Randy & Jean-Marc Lofficer

PENCILER: Keith Conroy

INKER: Larry Welch

The main story finds a Cardassian Gul named Akha in a…”dispute” with a ship from the Varahat and on the losing end. Apparently a previous encounter with them, who live on the other side of Cardassian space, cost him his shot at becoming Grand Gul and he’s not about to let it happen again just as he’s about to try for the rank again. However, this current encounter has left the Varahat’s Controller (I think that’s their captain) injured and need Bashir’s help. Akha has other ideas and prepares to attack the crew as they enter the ship to bring the Controller to Sickbay…and Jake is there too, putting him in danger with the others.

What they got right: A interesting new species these Varahat. I wonder how they’ll explore their story. Akha is clearly the aggressor but whether or not the Varahat are good guys remains to be seen.

What they got wrong: There’s this one panel where the Varahat opens communications with the station (by taking over the Cardassian signal, which is concerning even if they are Cardassians and Akha is a jerk) and it’s just the two sides, looking at each other. At one point the Varahat representative has his eyes closed but it just feels a bit weird. These are not the most unusual species the crew has dealt with in the past.

Our back-up story features the grandson of Harry Mudd, Horace Tiberius Mudd (grandad’s idea, though the fact that Harry Mudd had kids is saddening), who has come to Deep Space Nine to make a deal with Quark involving aliens called Meeps. As a certain Time Lord can attest, any species called a meep is trouble, and this one has a worse appetite than Tribbles, eat anything, have acid drool, and are loose on the station. This one also ends in a cliffhanger, so we have two multi-part stories in one comic. What is this, a DC kids comic? Also partway through the story (and it’s only eight pages) the gradient used for the court’s captions (the framing device is Horace on trial) ends up being switched with Horace’s narration so Horace is using the judge’s color gradient. That’s a big mistake. Otherwise it’s a fun little story that makes me wonder if Horace’s mom or grandmother is related to Cyrano Jones.

Recommendation:  A good start to both stories. Might be worth checking out.

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