“You just had to mention zoos, didn’t you?”

The Sentinels Presents…Robotech: Feral World, Nightmare On Garuda (A Worlds Of Robotech Book)

(I’m glad they left that title for the indicia.)

Academy Comics, Ltd (January, 1996)

WRITERS/ARTIST: John & Jason Waltrip

Back on Garuda the Sentinels left behind to help the Garudans put their world back together are working out of the Hive, studying what they believe to be a comatose Invid brain. As the Garudans celebrate their liberation they and the Bioroids who joined them suddenly attack the Sentinels, even as the cost of their own lives. One of the scientists on the team believes it may be connected to the Hin, but outside of exposing themselves to the air the only other way to connect is for one of the Sphersians on the team to merge with the ground, which also contains the microbes that connect to the Hin. Once there he discovers the Invid brain has taken them over, so they wake the brain up in order to destroy it without hurting the natives. With the brain destroyed the people gain their minds back.

What they got right: For a bunch of one-shot characters the Waltrips make them interesting and I wouldn’t mind seeing more adventures with this group. The story itself is a good mystery and there’s a lot of traditional Robotech action in it.

What they got wrong: They didn’t really draw the panels with exposition in mind. The result is some odd balloon placements, only one or two panels breaking the flow, so they at least attempted to work with what they had. The position of the lettering is something to keep in mind when laying out the page and they aren’t always successful at this.

Recommendation: A good story and I do wish this team had more tales around them. Give this one a read.

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    What is the creature on the cover?

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