The previous adult-targeted Transformers cartoon was uploaded to the now-defunct Go90 website, which is now available through Rooster Teeth. After the conclusion of the Prime Wars Trilogy line Hasbro started a new collector line called “War For Cybertron” (not to be confused with the video game because Hasbro doesn’t pay attention–see also Robots In Disguise), which is meant to be a return to the original G1. The first line in the new trilogy, “Siege”, takes place on Cybertron and allegedly involves Cybertronian modes, though there wasn’t a lot of imagination in some of them. Optimus Prime is just his usual flat nose cab with some extra lights. There have been better Cybertronian modes for Op.

Like with the Prime Wars Trilogy the series promoting it doesn’t start until sometime AFTER the toyline has moved to the next series (in this case Earthbound…not to be confused with yet another video game that at least wasn’t Transformers related). This time it’s Netflix that will host the series, meaning if you can’t afford Netflix, like yours truly, you’re out of luck. We do however have a trailer for the new War For Cybertron: Siege animated series (which the trailer calls an anime, a term used for animated series out of Japan…which this isn’t), so let’s see if I’m missing out on anything.

The first thing that strikes me is how muted the color are. That reflects the darker theme I guess but this show is clearly planning to be darker than even Transformers Prime, so already they’re losing me. Prime was as dark as I was willing to go. Look, this is the “adults” Transformers so I’m expecting a theme focused on war and how bad it is but does it have to be THIS depressing? The Gundam multiverse called and thinks you need to lighten up, guys! The previous War For Cybertron, the video game from High Moon Studios, was also darker visually but even it wasn’t this dark. Look at Ultra Magnus’s colors. He doesn’t have any!

It doesn’t help that the dialog is so slow, with every word in the narration, some of which speaks like actual dialog, so deliberate like they’re fighting to be as articulate as possible to make sure you understand everything they say. And this version has subtitles, so that shouldn’t be a problem. Then you have the battlefield and it’s disturbing. This may actually be too much like a war story. And yet if you go to Netflix’s page it claims this is “Family Watch Together TV” among its list of genres (which again includes anime despite being an American production and target). I don’t think this one is going to be for the kids in the Cyberverse age group and I know the Rescue Bots Academy age group will have nightmares.

So this one I don’t feel like I’m missing anything on. It may turn out to be good. The animation is somewhat better than the Prime Wars Trilogy, they have the tone I think they’re going for, and we haven’t seen the actual show to make a judgement. I’m just tired of depressing war stories and gritty science fiction. I’ll stick with Cyberverse and Rescue Bots for my modern Transformers fix.


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