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Charlie’s Angels #1

Dynamite Entertainment (2018; posted to comiXology June, 2018)

“The Devil You Know” part 1

WRITER: John Layman

ARTIST: Joe Eisma

COLORIST: Celeste Woods

SELECTED COVER ART: David Finch, Jimmy Reyes, & Triona Farrell (you’d think comiXology would have chosen a cover by the actual artist but this was cover A)

LETTERER: Taylor Esposito

EDITORS: Matt Idleson & Kevin Ketner

Based on the original TV series and the season one cast, the Angels go undercover in a nightclub when the owner finds out his new business partner is using the club for gun running. While they manage to record one of the meetings the co-owner decides to force his more legal partner to join him during the follow-up meeting, and the Angels have to rescue him. They manage to get the baddies arrested and the client gets Kelly’s number, but some other villains with heavy German accents knock him out and has plans to use the Angels to kill President Carter.

What they got right: The first issue could be a stand-alone to introduce the original Angels (after all the failed reboot attempts) and it does it well, but also sets up the first story arc for this arc-obsessed “write for the trade” mindset.  The story itself isn’t bad and while they can’t outright use the likenesses of Farrah Fawcett, Jaclyn Smith, and Kate Jackson they do a fair job letting you know this is Jill, Kelly, and Sabrina respectively in their design. Plus they didn’t try to do a modern take but actually set it in the time period of the show, when a police woman didn’t get the respect she does now on police dramas (though I’m sure you could note some exceptions like Police Woman the cops and detectives doing the dangerous stuff were usual men).

What they got wrong: But there are a few adaptation errors. Bosley wouldn’t object to rescuing Ted, even if these guys are above their usual adventures. Involving them in an attempt on the President seems off for the series as well. They’re good but they aren’t that good. These were police officers assigned to duties below their ability, which is why Charlie recruited them, but assassination is more military grade or government agents. Kelly also seemed a bit more vicious in one moment than her counterpart, though that could be the art.

Recommendation: A good start. Hopefully the rest of the arc is as good but as a solo tale it still works well enough. Give it a try if you’re so inclined.

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