“This is not proper social distancing!”

Robotech II: The Sentinels book 4 #3

Academy Comics, Ltd (February, 1996)

“Specters In Midnight”



Jack realizes that the defense systems are targeting the protoculture energy sources of their mecha but not before their weapons are destroyed. Everyone ejects but Janice disappears. As they follow her trail, back on the surface Rick, Lisa, and Karen can sense where they are. Miriya awakens but not with the same side effect as the others due to her more limited exposure. She also learns she’s pregnant. The exchange begins as the team welcomes Rem back into their ranks but of course the Regent is planning to find a way to betray them once he has Tesla back. In space the Zentraedi have a trick that helps them stop the fleet commander, but the woman now in charge wants to help find the Sentinels for a proper trial, so they prepare to repair their ships and search together. On Tirol, Edwards manages to secure Minmei but the pilot who helps her vanishes and the poor girl loses it.

What they got right: Some good action, good though short character moments, and it will be interesting to see what these new senses will give our trio for the short time they should be around.

What they got wrong: Knowing the identity of the pilot, him pulling out a gun and preparing to shoot people seems way out of character for him. I can’t say more until the reveal.

Recommendation: Still highly recommend this series. Sorry we’re nearing the end of it with this volume.

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