You know what shouldn’t be the cover of your comic? THE LAST PAGE!

Robotech II: The Sentinels book 4 #4

Academy Comics, Ltd (March, 1996)

“Prisoners Of Fate”


INKER/TONING: John Waltrip

Edwards tortures Minmei to find out about the pilot and of course refuses to believe she doesn’t know anything about him. He gives a false report that both Minmei and the pilot are still in hiding but Lang and Nicks knows he’s full of it and plot to rescue her without giving Edwards more clout with the REF. On Haydon IV the Sentinels begin the exchange but both the Regent and Tesla have other ideas. Meanwhile the remaining side effects of the Garudan atmosphere start to wear off on Rick, Lisa, and Karen but the future of Dana’s new little si..sibling is still in doubt. Beneath the surface Baker and company finally catch up with Janice, who wants to interface with the planet’s awareness, revealing she’s been a robot this whole time! (I guess that explains Lang plugging things into her neck like she was joining the Matrix with Neo.)

What they got right: Since I already knew what Janice was the reveal is lost on me the second time around but it is a good reveal. All of the plotlines are interesting and with the exception of the events on Tirol (which would have been important later had the series continued past this volume) they all matter to the story at large. Simon Furman could take some lessons.

What they got wrong: I know the cover doesn’t reveal Janice is a robot, but I stand by the caption that the last page of the comic, nice as the art is and the color is a nice touch (I wonder who does the colors at this point?), should not be your cover. Also, it would be a nice change of pace for the interrogator to actually believe the interrogated that they don’t know anything when the audience knows that’s the truth. It makes the villain, or occasional cop, look like less of a dope to us. Granted it has to make sense in the story but as off the rails as Edwards is going you’d think he’d figure it out.

Recommendation: A good installment in the series you really should be checking into.

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  1. […] up the reveal in the comic but for some reason it doesn’t bother me here like the reveals of Janice’s mecha-body or the Black Death Destroyers.) There are a lot of good strategies, like L-Ron getting help so they […]


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