That’s a beautiful shi…wait, when did Veidt have a red face? I thought he was like silver or gold or something.

Robotech II: The Sentinels book 4 #9

Academy Comics, Ltd (August, 1996)

“Disparate Paths”

WRITERS/ARTISTS: John & Jason Waltrip

The SDF-3 heads off on its mission to Earth. On Haydon IV the Sentinels get the full story on what Dorna saw in the Genesis Pit and the trauma that drove her mute and amnesiac. Max and Miriya remain on Haydon IV until the birth of their child rather than have anything else happen, and Jean stays behind to care for them since Haydonites don’t know nothin’ about birthin’ no babies…at least not human ones. Cabal also stays behind when he and Rem have a falling out once Rem’s full origin as Zor’s clone is revealed. As one group heads back to Tirol to deal with Edwards, Rick and Lisa’s team are given upgraded uniforms and a new ship (large enough to hold the SDF-7) by a repentant Vowad, who vows to follow Sarna’s example and push back against the Invid. A Karabarran ship volunteers to head to Garuda to get the rest of the team and mecha so the Sentinels can head to Spheris, the next planet on the rescue route, faster. However, on the way there the new ship, the Ark Angel, is met by the Black Death Destroyers.

What they got right: You can see the Ark Angel on the cover and it is one good looking ship, and I like the disks that upgrade their gear as needed. (This time it’s technically still a spoiler since it goofs up the reveal in the comic but for some reason it doesn’t bother me here like the reveals of Janice’s mecha-body or the Black Death Destroyers.) There are a lot of good strategies, like L-Ron getting help so they don’t have to backtrack to get the rest of their team and lose time.

What they got wrong: Crysta’s body armor is just a covering of her breasts(?) and what looks like a belt buckle without a belt. The rest of her armor is fine it just looks weird, even though that’s still more than L-Ron gets. I know they’re bear people but even with the Praxians showing some leg the rest of their armor looks just fine. The humans just get a vest while the Garudans just have chest armor. I don’t see them being very protective except for the Praxians but maybe those other settings would have something more useful? And why isn’t Jean here to say her own farewells? It’s not like the actress left the show and you couldn’t get her to do the scene. It’s a comic book based on what would have been a cartoon.

Recommendation: Another good transition to the next story arc, and sadly the last and incomplete arc, but I still recommend this series.

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