Sorry folks, but tired has affected my brain thing so getting a coherent commentary out when I’m already a half-hour late is unlikely. So here’s at least something so you know I’m still around.

Celebrities have a big ego. That’s nothing new and hardly a surprise given how studios, fans, and some directors feed it so often, not to mention talk show hosts and other interviewers. They want access to that celeb so making them feel special is the way they do it. It gets to a point where they think they know everything about a cause because they did a movie about it (even if the facts were in error), believe they can do more than they’re actually able, and that’s where the problem starts. Put celebrities into their own game or onto the cover and they think they know better than the creators. Sometimes they just want to be depicted properly and that makes sense, but when they forget they’re not the expert here things can go wrong.

Guru Larry has found six such examples when these non-experts ruined their own game…and they probably still don’t realize they were the problem.

Catch more from Larry Bundy Jr on his YouTube channel.


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