They’re going on that new roller coaster first one way or another!

Robotech II: The Sentinels book 4 #6

Academy Comics, Ltd (May, 1996)

“Clockwork of Doom!”


INKER/TONER: John Waltrip

With the planet’s defense system ignoring the Sentinels our heroes and their new Praxian allies attempt to storm the control center and free the remaining Amazons. Janice has one more trick to get Baker’s team reunited with the others and take over the control center. With the Amazons now all free the Sentinels prepare to free Haydon IV, but the Regent is alerted and sends an army of inorganics and mecha to deal with them. Meanwhile, Tesla and Burrak reach the Hive and Flower Of Life fruits make the Invid scientist even stronger.

What they got right: A whole lot of action in this one and all of it well done. Bela is reunited with her mother, the queen, and Janice is revealed to everyone.

What they got wrong: The word balloon placement often breaks the reading flow. You’d think with the Waltrips both writing and drawing the comic they’d pay attention to where they put the lettering since there is no mention of a separate letterer.

Recommendation: A great action issue but you can follow it better if you’ve been reading the series, which I still recommend doing.

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