In fairy tales especially the prince and princess (or various variations) fall in love the moment they see each other and in their minds are already planning to wed. This is often written off by more modern critics of the trope as unrealistic and not very likely. At best you could be immediately infatuated but not actually married. Maybe, but the problem could simply be it wasn’t done right. My parents married rather quickly and they were happily married up until my mother’s recent passing in 2015. My cousin has a similar story with her husband except they’re both still alive. It’s not completely out of the realm of possibility.

Shad Brooks usually discusses medieval life, buildings, and weaponry and how they are depicted in fantasy in period pieces while on occasion discussing science fiction tropes. He’s also a writer, recently releasing his first novel, Shadow Of The Conqueror. In this video he goes over the trope and used the example of the live-action remake of Cinderella to highlight how such a first meeting can be handled properly.

Catch more episodes of Shadiversity on Brooks’ YouTube channel.

Can you think of other examples where a “true love at first sight” story got it right?

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