When Doctor Who returned to television Christopher Eccleston was the first Doctor a lot of kids had ever seen. He remains a very popular Doctor, despite having the shorted official run at one season. (Semi-officially Richard E. Grant only had one serial when the official website tried to revive the series as an animated webseries.) However, due to stuff that was going on behind the scenes like poor treatment by the BBC and some family issue all leading to his becoming anorexic and other issues he parted ways and hasn’t gone near the series.

That’s why it’s such a big deal that Eccleston is returning as the Ninth Doctor in a series of audio dramas for Big Finish. Based on continuity I assume this means more Rose Tyler and possibly Captain Jack as well, so it’s not all good news, unless we get lucky and it’s before he met Rose or while she was hanging out with the family like Moffat had his Companions do from time to time. However, fans of the Ninth will be happy to see him–or at least hear him–as the Doctor again. I know I will.

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