“What do they mean my lawn needs attention?”

Danger Girl #0

IDW Publishing (posted to comiXology November, 2011)

“Prelude To Danger”

WRITER: Andy Hartnell

ARTIST: J. Scott Cambell

Unfortunately the comic itself has no credits and comiXology seldom lists everybody so if there was a separate colorist or letterer there’s no listing here.

This is a short story, only nine pages. It introduces Abbie Chase, one of those badass treasure hunters in the Lara Croft mold but without the fancy British stuff I imagine. Sure, her competitor here is obsessed with getting into her pants to point that he’s a moron, but things are still not going well with the latest prize, a gold-covered skull. Donavin Conrad escapes with the skull as she has to deal with his triggerhappy goons, which is not helping her day. And who are these ladies in the helicopter looking for her? You’ll have to read the full series for yourself.

Critically speaking it isn’t a bad preview. While the helicopter ladies aren’t even named we get a taste of Abbie’s skills and despite having a crocodile take a bite out of her pants so we can see she goes commando (unless it got her panties too–all we see is a butt cheek) and the fact that guys with guns are driving towards her on a one-way cliff (no respect for the rules of the road) she does quite well. We’re told about her reputation more than we see it but we do see enough of her skills to suggest her rep may be accurate. I’m not a personal fan of the art with some of its more exaggerated perspectives but your mileage may vary. I also thought Donavin’s…interest…in her was a bit uncomfortable until it just made him look like an idiot who is just good as planning escapes. I mean, the dude’s having conversations with the gold-covered skull. Unless the skull is supposed to be all gold in which case he was never alive to be dead…basically I’m not impressed with the villain as far as the preview goes.

Overall it isn’t a bad preview and I would be interested in checking the comic out in the future.

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