“My hat was in that ship.”

Robotech II: The Sentinels book 4 #7

Academy Comics, Ltd (June, 1996)

“Seraphim Avenging”

WRITERS/ARTISTS: John & Jason Waltrip

Further “evolved” (more like mutated but this is the first fiction to alter the definition of “evolution”) by the Flower Of Life, Tesla takes control of the Invid sent to arrest him. He and Burak head to the spaceport, but a stray blast from the battle damages their ship. At said battle the Sentinels are ready to depart from the overwhelming numbers just in case the inorganics finally realize they’re the only ones being targeted, but the Praxians are warriors married to combat and you know how that goes. Janice breaks out her robot strength as well. Sarna goes to secure a proper means of escape but her father blocks the way and insists she stop all this, only for her to die saving him from an inorganic attack. His eyes finally open he lets out a scream that lets the Zor copy within the Awareness pop out to say hello…and he’s a big boy!

What they got right: If Sarna has to go down, let her death mean something. It’s not like this franchise doesn’t have a history of killing characters, even ones the fans have gotten close to over the many episodes or issues. Tesla and Burak have the makings of an interesting buddy movie.

What they got wrong: Still a few cases of balloons in the wrong order, in one case even pointing to opposite characters. Also, Sarna’s death might have had more shock to it if the previous issue’s previews didn’t showcase the daylights out of it.

Recommendation: Still recommending this series.

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