“I’ve had worse dates.”

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine #32

FINAL ISSUE (though I still have some specials coming up from this run)

Malibu Comics (December, 1995)

“Turn Of The Tide”

WRITERS: Chris Dows & Colin Clayton


INKER: Craig Gilmore


COLOR DESIGN: Mike Heilemann


EDITOR: Phil Crain

LINE EDITOR: Mark Paniccia

A ship carrying Major Kira and Gul Dukat is reported destroyed in a warp coil failure, but in truth it was attacked by an extremist group of Cardassians with a plan to destroy DS9 and the wormhole while raining a plague down on Bajor. It just so happens that the guy running the project on behalf of the Grand Gul behind the group has a personal gripe with Kira. Luckily for the group the station is playing host to a group of Federation starships due to reports of increased Dominion activity…thought that’s a false report to further the devastation. While this is something of a distraction O’Brien manages to realize something is wrong and he and Odo work to rescue Kira while Kira and Dukat foil the attack. The responsible parties are arrested on Cardassia and things return to what passes for normal at this time in the series.

The comic also features a cover gallery of all the issues and specials and the conclusion of the history of Thomas Riker from issue #29. I don’t know why that wasn’t in issue #30 but I don’t have that issue.

What they got right: The story itself is well done. While Kira and Dukat do have to work together it’s not the focus of the story. Instead it’s about foiling the extremists’ plot. As a final issue to a comic based on a still-running show (the comic would be picked up by Marvel for their “Paramount Comics” imprint) it’s a good one to end on.

What they got wrong: How did the launch the asteroid and why was there air inside it? They didn’t plan on Kira and Dukat surviving if they even knew they were on the ship so how did they set that up so fast when it was being readied on a planetary surface?

Recommendation: A rather good story that’s worth picking up if you’re a series fan.

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