I don’t think this is how The Night Man got started.

Scooby-Doo #41

DC Comics (December, 2000; posted to comiXology July, 2014)

PENCILER: Joe Staton

INKER: Dave Hunt

COLORIST: Paul Becton

LETTERER: Naghmeh Zand


EDITOR: Joan Hilty

“Trolley Molly”

WRITER: Rurik Tyler

“Down In The Dumps”

WRITER: John Rozum

The first story features the trolley on the cover, as a ghost has been haunting the night shift. It’s another “villain” who actually had good intentions, which I actually find a fresh change now and then, but it’s another mystery we don’t get to solve. Yes, I know I’m a broken record at this point but if they’re going to keep doing it, I’m going to keep pointing it out. Then there’s the Blossom Scouts, our trademark replacement for the Girl Scouts. I think it’s how short the story is that keeps them from being too annoying but they really had the potential to be so bad even I wouldn’t like them. For once I think the length of the story may have actually saved it from being bad.

In our second story a trash monster is keeping people away from the city dump, and it’s not too hard to tell the bank robbery they talk about will tie in somehow. This actually feels like a condensed episode, even with some attempt at a mystery the readers can solve. See, I’m easy to please. Rozum manages to fit in the chase scene, the usual Fred trap, the mystery, and everything else you’d expect from a Scooby mystery. I wish more of the stories were like this. And full-issue length but I’ll take what I can get.

Overall this was a pretty good issue. The first mystery has it’s saving graces and the latter feels like a proper Scooby-Doo story. This is one to look into and as of this writing is still free on comiXology.

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