“Heavy Metal War” is the final episode of season one of the original The Transformers cartoon. It features the debut of the Constructicons, Megatron cheating to win a battle, and is considered one of the best season one episodes for a reason. It is also the episode with the most backstage material–script, storyboards, history, and even deleted scenes with no animation but full-recorded and edited dialog. It’s a good example of just how the original show was produced.

You may remember Chris McFeely from Transformers: The Basics and a recent video about the pre-Transformers attempts at making Transformers. That video was recorded as part of the virtual TF Nation convention podcast this year. In tonight’s video he posts footage from an earlier live appearance at the UK Transformers convention, a panel in which he collects all the information on “Heavy Metal War” and shares it with the audience. The video includes additional editing for our sake, and if this isn’t Saturday Night Showcase enough for you there will be a link to where you can watch the finished episode for yourself, which I cannot currently embed here. Hope you find something new you didn’t before about how the first season of the cartoon was produced.

If you want to see the finished episode Tubi TV has it up for free and legal streaming (this may only work in the US) from the Shout Factory masters. I do wonder why Tubi has all their Transformers shows (including the later US shows like Beast Wars and the Unicron Trilogy dubs but not the Japanese series…though I do know why nobody has the Saban Robots In Disguise edits for Car Robots due to the wacky world of licensing) and yet they aren’t available on Shout Factory TV as of this writing? Also mentioned was the YouTube channel Transformers At The Moon, with found behind the scenes footage of the original show if you’re curious about that. Usually I like to wait a while after something like this gets posted out of what my brain tells me is respect to the YouTube channel’s regular viewers but this was too good not to share right away so be sure to hit up McFeely’s YouTube channel for more fun history and behind the scenes trivia for the Transformers. Tell him I sent you…and he won’t know who you mean, so maybe don’t bother. 🙂

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