“No, you’re supposed to put you FOOT down, not your fist!”

Justice League Unlimited #35

DC Comics (September, 2007)

“The Cycle”

WRITER: Matteo Casali

PENCILER: Scott Cohn

INKER: Al Nickerson

COLORING: Heroic Age

LETTERER: Robert Clark

EDITOR: Rachel Gluckstern

The Millennium Giants awaken and start wrecking the place. Natasha, now wearing her own “Steel”-like armor, goes after one to prove to her uncle that she has what it takes…and promptly gets her butt kicked. And yet something during the encounter and the discussion about them after helps her figure out what the Giants want and she comes up with a way to solve the problem without anyone else getting hurt. She also realizes that she needs to be patient and find her own superhero path before she can be ready to officially join the Justice League.

What they got right: The story itself is actually pretty good. While Natasha is lacking her own superhero name her armor’s size-changing ability gives her something besides being “Steel but a girl” and she gets some good character growth.

What they got wrong: What continuity is this taking place in? The comic SHOULD be in the DCAU, but even if DCAU Natasha gets her own armor like she did in the main DC universe she’s talking about future Metropolis tech and the Justice League being around since she was a kid, both things not in the DCAU as we saw Natasha as a teenager before there ever was a Justice League in this continuity. Also, Hawkman is here, which is highly unlikely given the take the DCAU went with. However it can’t be the main DC universe because they’re acting like the Millennium Giants are appearing for the first time. So I say again, what continuity is this story taking place in?

Recommendation: A good story but good luck figuring out where it belongs.

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