“Yep, you definitely have the power up too high!”

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Ultimate Annual

Malibu Comics (December, 1995)

EDITOR: Phil Crain

“No Time Like The Present”

WRITER: Laurie Sutton

PENCILER: Leonard Kirk

INKERS: Scott Reed, Saleem Crawford, & Leonard Kirk

COLOR DESIGN: Moose Baumann


LETTERER: Tracey H. Munsey

LINE EDITOR: Mark Paniccia

“The Nagus’s New Clothes”

WRITER: John Vornholt

PENCILER: Patrick Woodrow

INKER: Larry Welch

COLORIST: Ruth Yarshapour

LETTERER: Edd Hendricks

“Small Victory!”

WRITER: Mariano Nicieza

PENCILER: Anne Timmons

INKER: Scott Reed

COLOR DESIGN: Mike Heliemann

LETTERER: Patrick Owsley

In our main story, which takes up about a full comic’s length, a device discovered by Cardassians years ago causes trouble when a group invades Bajor to reclaim it. The device is a temporal disruptor, a creation of a race the Cardassians and Bajor once jointly fought against centuries ago (according to Dax around the time of the Roman Empire) before they lost the device. Now they too are coming to reclaim it while the device caused both radiation poisoning and the experiencing of alternate lives when exposed to its energy. Eventually the Defiant keeps it from everyone and Sisko locks it in a permanent time loop. It’s a good story with the only odd choice in alternate events being Keiko married to Sulu. Did someone want to draw George Takei and this was their last chance? Plus Sulu would be really, really old or really, really dead by now. My favorite is Rom being the smarter brother over Quark. Otherwise some interesting ideas that would at least make for fanfic fodder.

The other two stories are rather short. A rival Nagus tries to disrupt the Grand Nagus’ reception by destroying his ceremonial robes, and attempts to replace it leads to hilarity. It’s a decent enough story. The other has a little girl losing her pet and Worf having to chase after it. Also fun and a bit more heartwarming in the end.

Overall this was a really good Deep Space Nine comic. Worth looking into for fans though I don’t see non-fans getting as much if anything out of it.

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