Super Hero High saves a lot of money on busing. When they don’t leave the bus in another time period.

DC Super Hero Girls Free Comic Book Day 2017

DC Comics (June, 2017–I own the physical copy but this review is from the comiXology posting)

“Give Me A Summer Break”

WRITER: Shea Fontana

ARTIST: Yancy Labat

COLORIST: Monica Kubina

LETTERER: Janice Chiang

ASSISTANT EDITOR: Brittany Holzherr

EDITOR: Marie Javins

From the original Free Comic Book Day review: A sample of the upcoming original graphic novel Summer Olympus, as Wonder Woman is invited to spend Summer Break on Mount Olympus with daddy Zeus. (I think in the main universe they gave the clay origin to Donna Troy, but we’ll see how long that lasts. Coming up with a new origin for Donna appears to be a DC rite of passage or some junk.) She’s allowed to invite her friends, but only Bumblebee doesn’t have plans. I hope the full GN follows the other groups on their own adventures or misadventures and that it somehow leads to Olympus and Wonder Woman’s half-sister, Siracca. Zeus needs to invest in condoms. Also, he probably took the form of an aardvark or something because…let’s just not blame this on the furries, shall we? He predates them. And dates way too much. Why did Hera never divorce him again? We won’t learn that here because this is for younger girls but it should be a fun read regardless. This I would like to check out.

Not really a lot to add to that. It’s a sampler for Free Comic Book Day like the other DC Super Hero Girls FCBD/Halloween ComicFest offerings. It’s too bad we didn’t get an original story instead of a teaser for the graphic novel.


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