“Ares, can’t you just buy a mirror?”

DC Super Hero Girls: Wonder Woman Day Special Edition #1

DC Comics (July, 2017; posted to comiXology May, 2017)

WRITER: Shea Fontana

ARTIST: Yancy Labat

LETTERER: Janice Chiang

ASSOCIATE EDITOR: Brittany Holzherr

EDITOR: Marie Javins

The story continues from a previous preview but is still an excerpt from “Summer Olympus”. The tornado comes courtesy of one of Diana’s goddess siblings, Sirraca, and she’s not in the best of moods. She also learns that among her half-siblings is Ares, which doesn’t sit well with her. In fact Bumblebee may be the only person she feels herself around. Meanwhile Supergirl is trying to teach Barda and Shiva about farm life while Batgirl, Beast Boy, and Katana track a thief in London that steals a Greek relic from the museum. As the trio give chase Beast Boy and Katana are knocked out by sleeping gas, and Batgirl ends up hanging from Big Ben. Continued in the graphic novel.

This is looking to be an interesting story, as Diana is not quite connecting with her goddess side (since they’re going with DC’s revamped origin of being just another Zeus baby instead of the traditional clay statue brought to life) and that makes for interesting personal conflict, the farm life handles the comedy, and there’s still superheroing with the third group. Everything appears to be balancing well, though I haven’t read the full graphic novel to confirm it stays that way. I don’t have any real complaints outside of some of the choices for heroes in this iteration (namely Harley, Ivy, and Shiva) when we know there are villains in this version. I’ll still take this over Lauren Faust’s current version because she doesn’t seem to understand the characters in general the way this version does. (I do NOT like Faust’s take on Supergirl and Superman. At all.)

Instead of these previews I recommend tracking down the “Summer Olympus” graphic novel and giving that a go. It’s something I wouldn’t mind checking out myself.

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